Cheek enhancement London
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Esthetic offers natural cheek enhancement, cheek botox and cheek injections in our London clinic. Our treatments also include dermal cheek fillers, creating volume and revitalizing the skin.

Our professional team performs safe treatments using trusted techniques that are designed to restore volume and shape to your face with natural cheek enhancement and cheekbone filler, without any need for surgery. By redefining and accentuating your facial features with cheek enhancement treatment, you can create a stronger cheek bone definition.

Carefully chosen cheek enhancement treatments produce firm, high cheekbones and the full rounded cheeks associated with youth and beauty. Replacing your cheekbones’ volume and enhancing your facial contours can often take years off your appearance, that’s the power and value of cheek enhancement treatments.

We offer non-permanent products for cheek enhancement and cheek botox : X Y Z. These industry-leading natural dermal fillers will restore lost facial volume to hollow cheeks, sculpting your face for a fresh, soft appearance that can last up to 12 months.

X Y Z  are safe cheek enhancement treatments, specifically dermal cheek fillers that have been used in our industry for many years to deliver facial rejuvenation. A hyaluronic acid-based product that is not extracted from animals, these cheekbone fillers can be used immediately without any pre-testing.

This cheek filler and augmentation product is injected under the surface of the skin in small amounts with a very fine needle, giving natural volume and structure. These cheek injections create a smooth look, removing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and enhancing facial shape.

The treatment is quick, usually taking about 30 minutes.

The skin is cleaned and a topical anesthetic is applied to numb the area, making these cheek enhancement procedures virtually pain free. Once the skin is numb the product is then injected under the skin using a tiny needle.

Immediately after treatment ice packs are usually applied for a few minutes to help reduce any minor swelling.Cheek fillers will not affect facial expression and the benefits can normally be seen instantly.