What is a Brow Lift?

Also known as an eyebrow lift or forehead lift, our brow lift is an extremely  popular procedure, designed to  rejuvenate the forehead and eyebrows in patients looking to address signs of aging. With a botox brow lift, repositioning the brow and forehead offers the advantage of raising the brow and enhancing the eye area. Our eyebrow lift also restores a vibrant, youthful shape to the brow line, restoring the natural appearance of the upper facial area, aligning with the rest of the face.

Why Brow Lift Treatment?

Commonly carried out to correct the signs of ageing, such as forehead creases and the descent of the brow, an eyebrow lift can be rejuvenating and transformative. Though less common, this aging can occur in younger patients, giving a tired, concerned appearance. An eyebrow lift treatment can address crowding around the eyelids, as well as areas such as hooded look around the upper-lid skin.

For many of our eyebrow lift clients, the brow lift treatment is not just aesthetic, it is undertaken to improve lateral vision fields, as the drooping of the brow can affect vision.


Our safe and effective eyebrow lift treatment includes the use of botox, with treatment always performed by our experienced cosmetic doctors. Also called the “brow arch procedure”, this eyebrow lift involves tiny injections to encourage brow elevation, helping to improve the shape of brow arch and eyebrow positions. With this kind of botox based eyebrow lift, eyes appear more relaxed, refreshed and wider. This increasingly popular anti-aging  treatment is available for men and women who have a mild to moderate heaviness in the brow area, offering a non surgical eye brow lift.


Any eyebrow lift treatment is only done after you have been assessed and cleared for such a procedure by a specialist doctor.

Our brow lift treatment includes an injection of a small amount of Botulinum toxin, specifically in the area between and around eyebrows. This botox brow lift procedure helps relax the muscle that pulls the eyebrows down, with the brow lift result gradually appearing, with final results  achieved two weeks post-treatment

For four hours after botox brow lift procedures, clients should void touching, rubbing or applying make-up on treated areas. An average eyebrow lift procedure takes 15-20 minutes, and our specialists offer specific brow lift aftercare instructions on the day of your treatment.