Esthetic Cosmetic Clinic, London: Jaw Fillers and Jawline Enhancement Treatment


Jaw fillers treatment is usually done for our slightly older clients. Young people’s jaw lines from ear to chin are usually smooth, but as age progresses, many people experience sagging jowls occurring on the jaw line directly below the outside corners of their mouth, from the sagging of the lower cheek skin.

This is when our botox for jawline and jaw fillers treatment at our London clinic is an option many clients consider. With these indentations, or notches, the smoothness of your skin is interrupted, as is the smoothness of the jaw line, giving a shape that looks a little bit like an “S”. To address this, consider jawline slimming botox, available at our professional aesthetic clinic in London.

When the sagging is mild to moderate, our surgical treatments such as jaw fillers and botox for jawline enhancement, as well as dermal filler injections, can correct this problem easily.

WHAT TYPE OF CONCERNS in terms of non surgical jaw enhancement CAN JAW FILLERS ADDRESS?

Jaw Fillers, including jaw fillers for men, are highly effective non-surgical solutions with many anti-ageing benefits. Using carefully administered jaw fillers and dermal fillers to treat the jaw area, your sagging skin, fine lines and wrinkles can be plumped up to restore volume, with such jaw injections designed to achieve a more defined and chiselled jawline.
Skin around your chin and jaw can be tightened, creating results similar to a traditional facelift.


For each of our jawline slimming botox treatments and jaw injections, we take time to consult with our clients to determine whether they are a suitable candidate for jaw fillers. Our professional team carefully assesses the treated area and injects an exact and precise amount of jaw fillers. Our jawline filling botox injection treatment is fast and efficient, lasting around 45 minutes without the need for anaesthesia. If necessary, we can apply numbing cream before any jawline slimming botox treatment.


For most patients, resuming their daily routine after jaw fillers or jaw injections is immediate after they leave our London clinic. With most of our botox for jawline treatments clients should expect to see results within a couple of hours, with jaw injection results lasting between 12 and 18 months.

Similar to many other injectable treatments, our jaw fillers and botox for jawline treatments involve minimal downtime, though some redness and slight bruising can occur.  After your jaw filler injections and botox for jawline treatments at our London clinic, your doctor or nurse will make sure to book you in for a review appointment to ensure they are following up with your progress closely.

Jawline Slimming Botox London: How long do Jaw Fillers last?

When you have jaw fillers or botox for your jawline done at our London clinic, the results are visible immediately after the procedure is completed. Though results vary for jaw fillers, many of our clients see the benefits for up to two years, though calcium hydroxylapatite may last as long as 15 months.

Whatever jawline slimming botox you have at our London clinic, results generally start to diminish around the 9 to 12 months mark, especially if refresher injections aren’t administered regularly.

Maintaining the results of your jaw fillers can be helped by:
Avoiding UV light and protecting your skin from the sun
Regular Skin Moisturizing
Drinking plenty of water to keep skin hydrated
Eating a Healthy Diet
Reducing Stress


When it comes to the choice of jaw fillers at our London clinic, lawline sculpting is rapidly becoming one the most popular nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, with the added advantage of taking away the need for cosmetic surgery. For many, a sagging jawline is a tell tale sign of ageing, while there are others who suffer confidence issues due to an under formed jaw, which is where jaw fillers really come into their own in terms of results. Many women look for that perfectly chiselled, defined jawline, using  jawline slimming botox to achieve it.

Our jaw fillers procedure at our London clinic is performed by expert clinicians, who carefully place filler strategically into the skin and along the jawline structure, which strengthens the overall look and can have an immediate uplifting and tightening effect.

With the botox for jawline procedure, the amount needed to create a defined jawline is always based on your personal consultation, as each and every client is different, with different aesthetic and cosmetic needs. On average, a natural but noticeable look achieved by jaw fillers is around 1.5 -2 mls either side of the face (Total 3-4ml).

What happens during Jawline Sculpting treatment?

At Secret Aesthetics, our botox for jawline procedure is done at our London clinic using an anaesthetic cream carefully applied to the area prior to injection to numb the area to be treated. Though a small amount of discomfort may be experienced during jawline slimming botox treatment, it is not painful, and the entire treatment takes approximately 30 minutes, though this, naturally, depends on the area treated. For most of our clients, their jaw fillers do not impact the rest of their day, allowing them to return to work or get on with their errands. Our specific advice to our jawline slimming botox clients in London is that no heavy or intense exercise should be done for 24/48 hours, just to let the filler settle. Jaw fillers sometimes cause bruising at injection sites, with some possible tenderness or swelling in the jaw area but this should resolve within a few days of the jaw fillers procedure.